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We are continually seeking fresh partnerships, creative individuals to assist us in crafting wallpapers and various projects, as well as brief collaborations for events and contests. Below, you will find all the necessary prerequisites. Every contribution we make is tailored to the individual and can be negotiated based on the circumstances.

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Become a Creator

As a creator, your responsibility entails generating images for marketing endeavors, producing content relevant to our projects and services, or crafting wallpapers for WallpaperHub. You have the flexibility to select your preferred tasks, and you can seamlessly switch between these domains to inject variety and offer respite from topics you may have grown weary of.

As a Creator you must meet the following requirements

What you need to keep in mind

Become a Partner

As a partner, you are our primary point of contact for new projects, updates, and infrastructure developments. You are our collaborator, our most valued source of feedback, and our main contact. As a partner, you actively contribute to our efforts, and we share decisions, statistics, and feedback with you. You play a crucial role in our ongoing success and development.

As a Partner you must meet the following requirements

What you need to keep in mind

Join our Team

As a team member with us, you actively contribute to the development of our projects and services. Depending on your area of expertise, you may be involved in creating content such as texts, social media posts, designs, or concepts. It's essential that you dedicate time to collaborate with us, and you should be able to commit to a monthly activity quota in which you work on your designated areas. You have the flexibility to engage in various activities within some areas, and during your tenure with us, you can switch between different fields. While you can participate in a maximum of three areas, you may also undertake tasks in other areas by prior arrangement.

As a Team member you must meet the following requirements

What you need to keep in mind