Code of Conduct

2. Tolerance and Diversity

3. Constructive Communication

4. No Harassment

5. Privacy Protection

6. Avoiding Spam

7. Personal Accountability

8. Politeness in Customer Service

9. Solution-Oriented Approach

10. Security Awareness

11. Active Participation

12. Adherence to Guidelines


2. Fair Gameplay

3. Teamwork and Collaboration 

4. Clear Communication

5. Constructive Feedback

6. Adherence to Server Policies

7. No Harassment and Discrimination

8. Privacy Protection

9. Appropriate Language

10. Also important

Cooperation and partnerships

2. Respectful Collaboration

3. Clear Communication

4. Adherence to Behavioral Standards

5. Team Responsibility

6. Integrity and Ethics

7. Maintaining Confidentiality

8. Collaborating for Success

9. Continuous Improvement

10. Accountability 

Violations against the Code of Conduct

In case of a violation of our Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to ban the individual from all our services, projects, events, and functions, either temporarily or permanently. This also extends to projects and services of our partners.

About this topic

To foster a harmonious and respectful environment, the SndeTeam has developed a comprehensive Code of Conduct. This code establishes fundamental principles for collaboration, communication, and behavior, applicable to all projects affiliated with SndeTeam and SndeTeam partners.

Use of the Code of Conduct

All projects associated with SndeTeam are encouraged to incorporate this Code of Conduct into their community guidelines. SndeTeam partners are urged to establish and promote these same principles within their environments.

Clear Identification

It is expected that all projects and partners affiliated with SndeTeam prominently display this Code of Conduct on their platforms or in their community guidelines. This ensures that the shared values and norms are readily apparent to all participants.

Last change: March 10, 2024